Active Tourism in the Aragonese Pyrenees

Hiking in the Aragonese Pyrenees


We want to offer you a different view on the Pyrenees. We want you to enjoy them 365 days a year. Whether you are looking for exciting adventures into the wild or just getting pleasure from relaxed contact with nature, we help you to live the Pyrenees and get to grips with the local traditions, to learn about legends, to get amazed by the geology and biodiversity, to go deep into the territory and to blend with its people.


We provide you with a personal service adapted to your needs. To that end our activities are always organized in small groups and with a strong interpretative component.

Excursiones con raquetas de nieve en Aínsa Ordesa

Snowshoe tours

In winter our mountains get transmuted under a white snow cover. Come and enjoy them.

Guided tours of 1 or ½ day

Tours adapted for all levels from half-day walks to full day hikes.

Hikes to peaks

Summits are exceptional viewpoints. Come with us to the top.

Traverses of 2 or more days

Traverses of several days in the mountains symbolize the nomadic spirit searching for the journey throughout the landscape.


Explore the hidden pleasures of spending a night in the mountains.


This activity will open you the gates to magical landscapes that stay out of sight for most of the visitors.

Cultural tours

Guided tours to the old towns of Ainsa and Boltaña, the magic of Chistau, Tella and to the heart of uninhabited villages as Muro de Roda and more.

Forest bathing. Shinrin-Yoku

Relax and get in contact with the forest through this japanese technique.

Night visits

Night activities to enjoy the legends and mythology of the stars in the Pyrenees.

Gift Vouchers

The best gift for your family and friends. Give them the try to discover the essence of the Pyrenees.