The Project

The Pyrene365 Project


Pyrene365 was born out of our commitment to share our fascination for the world of the mountains and from a genuine concern about preserving the natural and historic value and the legacy that mountains brought to humankind.

We are witnesses of the evolution of a society which is ever more distant from nature, while at the same time more in need of the contact with that very nature. Gradually, mountain activities become more a commodity and the values that accompanied the discovery of these natural habitats get lost. Our goal is to get them back.


We dream of a world where people contribute to build a more sustainable and environmentally free society through understanding and acknowledging the importance and value of the mountains and the nature in general.


We strongly believe on showing the world of the mountains and sharing our knowledge as a powerful tool to help others to know and love nature. We advocate for a stress-free approach to nature, enjoying the moment, closer to contemplation with all our senses rather than to great sports exploits.


We want to provide you with a personal service adapted to your needs. To that end our activities are always organized in small groups and with a strong interpretative component.


We want to transmit our passion for mountains, both to pass that passion to others and to inspire others to identify and live the truly important things in life


We want to bring the world of the mountains close to the participants of our activities, by showing the wealth of its geological, biological and cultural heritage, and encouraging the environmental respect, preservation and protection.

The Pyrene365 Team